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Short term loans with High acceptance Rate

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Credit History stopping you from getting loans?

If you have CCJs, arrears or defaults on your credit report, it is likely that your high acceptance loan application will not be accepted by most of the lenders. You would not be able to obtain a loan with low interest rate and attractive terms. Such loan options are typically offered to consumers with perfectly clean credit history.

But, there certainly are other finance options that you can avail, which are designed especially for people having less than perfect credit rating. These include short term loans, guarantor loans, secured loans against property/vehicle and more. Typically these loans come at higher interest rates and offer lower cash amount. The more the number of defaults on your register, the greater risk you are perceived to be by the lender. And therefore the lender charges a higher interest rate to offer you cash advance.

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Benefits of these high acceptance loans

Apart from your credit history, the lenders also consider your income, job stability, other debts and assets while calculating a loan quotation. So, if you can afford to pay off the new loan along with managing your living expenses you have better chances of getting your loan accepted by some of the small financial institutes.

While you might be offered a high interest rate for small amount of loan, but accepting these high acceptance loans would also give you a chance to rebuild your credit. If you take a disciplined approach to managing your budgets and make timely repayments you can finish the loan successfully. This positive loan track record may also reflect on your credit report to help you obtain more cash advance in future.

We connect you with Easy Loan Lenders

All the applications submitted on our website at are automatically sent to easy loan lenders. These are all licensed financial institutes based in UK. When high street lenders are not accepting your higher acceptance loan request you can get cash advance from uk loan lenders mush easily. They may or may not be able to offer you big amount high acceptance loans, but to help you cover your urgent expenses your application can be accepted for a short term payday loan.

You might be tempted to take a higher loan amount in order to cover all your money troubles at once, but it is recommended to accept only lower limit loans when planning to rebuild your credit. You will be able to afford your loan repayment and successfully complete the loan on time. Your easy loan lender would also be happy to help you again in future when you need urgent cash.

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